Online Home Based Business Opportunity Marketing – Tips For Marketing Your Home Business

You can make significantly more money in your home based business when you learn how to market that business more effectively.  Online home based business opportunity marketing is often taught by people who aren’t even involved in any home business. They’ll teach you how to spend more money than you’ll make. You don’t have to spend money to market your business!There are a multitude of ways you can market your business online for free. If you have a computer and internet access, you can become successful and you won’t have to spend a dime on these marketing strategies.As simple and as inexpensive as online marketing can be, there are ways to mess it up. Here are three mistakes that all online marketers should avoid.Online Home Based Business Opportunity Marketing Tip #1 – Don’t Use A Company WebsiteHome based business opportunity websites are usually horrible! They’re great for signing people up online but they are rarely good marketing tools. Your home based business opportunity website probably gives out too much information too fast and there isn’t an optin box to capture your visitors namer and email address. Use your company website only when you have to, and set up your own squeeze page.Online Home Based Business Opportunity Marketing Tip #2 – Don’t SpamSpam is the number one no-no in online marketing. So many people do it, but nobody likes it! If you want to be taken seriously don’t spam, it’s not effective and it will cause people to dislike you. People do business with people they know, people they like and people they trust. Spam and nobody will like or trust you!Online Home Based Business Opportunity Marketing Tip #3 – Don’t Use Your Phone NumberWhen you are online searching for a home based business you will probably want to get that information online as well. So many people make a great marketing video, or article or blog post and then encourage people to pick up the phone to get more information. Bottom line, people just don’t want to do that.If they found you online they want to get more information online. Once they get closer to signing up they may want to talk to you on the phone. Until that time keep it online.There are exceptions. If you are already successful working from home and you’re good on the phone, you can benefit from using your phone number occasionally. More often than not you should send people to a website but if you are already a pro you can successfully use a phone number some of the time.Online home based business marketing doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, it can be easy, profitable and best of all free. These tips will get you started but there is so much more! Avoid the simple mistakes and your business will grow a whole lot faster.

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